Swaroop Thimmegowda December 19, 2022

2022-12-22 | 14:49:55

"I moved to the Bay Area in the early months of 2023. I’ve tried a bunch of places, and Darius provided the best haircut among them all. He really pays attention to what you want. I’m definitely going back to him for my next haircut."
Jean D. November 10, 2022

Jean D.

"Izzy has been my Barber for the past 2 years, hard working, professional, easy to talk to. My haircut from her are always perfect. She is an outstanding Barber and I highly recommend her."
Alex L. November 10, 2022

Alex L.

"I've been taking my boys to see Izzy Moreno at Prostyles for almost a year and she never disappoints. She takes true pride in her work and it shows in her attention to detail and the care she puts into each haircut. She is friendly and professional and has turned my boys into haircut aficionados."
Aman B. November 10, 2022

Aman B.

"The shop is always tidy and has a positive vibe. Derrick is an excellent barber and very professional, and I always go to him for my haircut. He always cuts my hair the way I want it to be cut, and even if I show him a photo, he can recreate it exactly. Even after I moved from San Jose I find my self driving there to get haircut. I strongly recommend him!!!"
Jo Saxe October 10, 2022

2022-12-22 | 14:59:13

"Izzy has been great for cutting and styling my teenage boys’ hair, esp the one with curly hair. Her cuts have helped keep them looking good longer."
Quanah M October 9, 2022

2022-12-22 | 14:56:55

"Nice clean environment I had my Locs retwisted by Traci… my appointment started on time and I had a good wash retwist and style"